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Top notch Aperture presets have just landed!

LOMO series I presets pack | Aperture presets


LOMO series I presets pack | Aperture presets

Here is the legendary LOMO Aperture Presets collection!

This is the first and original LOMO inspired collection, bringing you back the unique style and characteristic of the legendary Russian analogue cameras. Note that all of the Aperture presets included in this collection are BRAND NEW and not available as stand alone. In this new and revisited series, you will find brand new LOMO presets and and extra exclusive bonus…11 Aperture Presets at the price of 4!

The collection includes the following LOMO Aperture presets illustrated (in order) in the capture below:

LOMO1 – LOMO2 – LOMO3 – LOMO4 – LOMO5 – LOMO6 – LOMO7 – LOMO 8 – LOMO9 – LOMO10 – LOMO Bonus

Aperture Presets LOMO Series I

If purchased individually, these Aperture presets will adds to up $27.50. Save BIG when you purchase the collection today!


Lomo Series I Aperture Presets


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