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Top notch Aperture presets have just landed!

Instagram presets | Aperture presets


Instagram presets | Aperture presets

Instagram presets for Aperture | Aperture presets

From your iPhone app to Apple Aperture! Here are the most famous “new” vintage Aperture presets on the net. If you are already familiar with the iPhone app, all you need to do is to apply any of the preset to your photo. You can also combine them by holding the command key while applying any additional presets to the same photo. Enjoy a blast from the past. This is a selection of 3 of the most famous Instagram presets and we are not affiliated in anyhow to the maker of the iPhone app.

Get the “Instagram” presets pack for Apple Aperture 3

Aperture presets, the best aperture presets on the net. RAW, creative and original adjustments presets exclusively designed for Apple Aperture 3. All Aperture presets in this page are available as single unit or packages. Enjoy the best Aperture presets on the net!


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